Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year


Wow!  I can't believe it is already 2013!  Every year, December 31st manages to sneak up on me.  It seems like just yesterday I was on my way to Australia for a semester abroad.  Come to think of it, it seems like just yesterday I graduated high school!  Now here I am... with only one semester standing between me and the "real world."  *cue jaws music*


January 1st is the perfect day to reflect on the past 365 days.  My informal assessment includes the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Let's see how 2012 checks out...

JANUARY Rang in the New Year with lots of kisses and drinks at Pacha in NYC
FEBRUARY Got accepted to study abroad at the University of Melbourne for Fall 2012!
MARCH Spent Spring Break in Panama City Beach, Florida
APRIL Completed my junior year of college... Three years down, one to go
MAY  My last summer vacation before "the real world" and I spent it taking an online course
JUNE I got a taste of what it is like to have my own apartment and a full time job
JULY Moved to Melbourne, Australia for study abroad with Kelley, my bestie/roommate of 3 years
AUGUST Explored Australia with Beka, who came to visit for 10 days
SEPTEMBER Visited Eureka Sky deck, the highest point in the southern hemisphere
OCTOBER Finally turned 21! Spent my birthday weekend in Sydney, Australia
NOVEMBER Road Trip! Finally got to see a koala and pet a kangaroo
DECEMBER Home sweet home... survived the "end of the world" and prepared 2013!

How was your 2012?


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic 2012! Happy 2013 :)


  2. I was at University of Melbourne too! I lived at RMIT Village on Flemington Road. Best time of my life!


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