Friday, January 4, 2013

Thank You Notes

It's that time of year again: Thank-you season!  Writing thank you notes used to give me such anxiety.  I remember being in elementary school and dreading the day after Christmas when my mom would sit me down with a pen and blank cards.  I never knew what to write and I always hated my handwriting.  Now that I'm older, sending handwritten thank you notes has (weirdly enough) become a source of enjoyment.  It's one of those meaningful gestures that don't take much time, but express significant appreciation.

After I pick out cute stationary & stamps, make a list of the gifts I received, and dig out my little black book of addresses, I am ready to start.  To be efficient with thank you note writing, I follow a simple formula that has just four steps!
  • ONE: Salutation
  • TWO: Describe the gift & how you will use it
  • THREE: Include a brief personal note
  • FOUR: Closing and signature

And in the spirit of appreciation, I would like to personally thank anyone who takes
the time to read and comment on this blog!  It really means a lot :)


  1. Hi Ani! I stumbled on your blog clicking through other blogger's comments, and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw your post. I almost forgot to write thank you cards from Christmas! (Which, thanks to your reminder, are all done now!)

    I'm excited to follow another just-starting blog! Thanks for the super timely, very relevant reminder.

  2. Your handwriting is all sorts of amazing! I am quite jealous of your ability to write without lines too.

    Thank you for the follow! I like your blog, it's cute =]

  3. fun blog! i love all of the bright colors & cool posts. you seem much better than i am with thank you letters haha

    new follower :)

  4. I love this, you are so well organized. I'm a big fan of the lost art of actual thank you CARDS. This is a great post for you to do.

    BTW great blog name! Can't wait to see more updates!


  5. Your handwriting is absolute perfection. Love this blog. :) xx

  6. Found your blog through a friends and happy I did! I love your blog design and how fun and girly it is! You have amazing handwriting as well :) I don't think there is anything better than a handwritten thank you note! Great post! New follower!



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